Prevention of kidney stones

Kidney stones are very common. Stone formation may be due to several factors; however, it is mainly hereditary. They can also form be due to reduced fluid intake, stress, parathyroid gland problems or poor dietary habits. Although we cannot influence our genetic predisposition, we can lead a lifestyle that prevents the formation of stones. It is important to note that the fact that we do not know about kidney stones in our family’s medical history does not mean they did not suffer from kidney stones. As 30 or 40 years ago ultrasound imaging and screening were not common at all, kidney stones may have remained undetected. Unfortunately, we still see kidney stone disease that leads to renal failure when the kidneys stop functioning.
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Increased fluid intake is an essential step in the prevention of kidney stone disease. This is extremely important during the summer months, when, due to increased sweating, our body may become dehydrated inconspicuously. In these cases, the urine excreted by the kidneys becomes concentrated and the microscopic crystals found in it adhere to each other, which leads to the formation of kidney stones. A healthy adult needs to drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day, or even much more is required in case of activities associated with excessive sweating or in hot weather.

In case one has a continuously stressful lifestyle, the amount of blood flowing through the kidneys may also decrease, which may result in the reduction of urine excretion and an increase in the concentration of urine. This can also increase the chance of the of kidney stone formation. In such cases, it is important to try to lead a less stressful life and increase urine excretion by drinking a lot of fluids. Also, the use of magnesium and preparations containing ingredients with a diuretic effect is highly recommended.

Those who have already suffered from kidney stones may expect to have stones again (i.e. recurrence). Therefore, it is especially important for those who have already suffered from kidney stones to put an emphasis on prevention. One way to do this is to change your diet, for example in case you have stones containing calcium it is recommended to avoid consuming too much of dairy products, cocoa, chocolate or spinach. If you suffer from uric acid stones, it useful to avoid consuming meats, especially game meat and red meat.

There are medicines available that block the absorption of calcium from the intestines, and thus they help prevent the formation of calcium stones. To prevent the formation of uric acid stones, one may take tablets that change the pH of urine into more alkaline.
Once someone has already suffered from any type of kidney stone or has existing kidney gravel, it might be useful to take common food supplements with diuretic and antispasmodic properties. In addition, a low-salt diet and regular exercise are other ways to facilitate prevention.

If these conventional methods do not help, try Magnegold® to relieve your symptoms and fight kidney stones.

The most common types of kidney stones include:

Calcium oxalate stone – the most common type of kidney stone
Struvite stone – it usually develops after underlying inflammations
Uric acid stone – it develops as a consequence of consuming foods with a high uric acid content (e.g. red meat)
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